Privacy- and cookiestatement

Privacy- and cookiestatement Princess Yachts Benelux

1. Preface

Princess Yachts Benelux BV processes information about people on a daily basis. Princess Yachts Benelux BV abides by the law. Princess Yachts Benelux BV respects the privacy of the people about whom it receives information and treats the information strictly confidentially. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data Princess Yachts Benelux BV processes and for which purposes. We recommend that you carefully read this privacy statement.

Princess Yachts Benelux BV is responsible for the processing and storage of your personal data. If you have any questions about the content of the privacy statement, you can contact Princess Yachts Benelux BV via

2.Personal data

Princess Yachts Benelux BV processes different types of personal data for different purposes. Below is explained which personal data and purposes that are.


To be able to provide our services, we need your name, e-mail address, payment details and your telephone number. This way we can process your request, contact you, provide our services and keep you informed of the process. When necessary for our services, we provide your personal data to third parties.

Social media

Princess Yachts Benelux BV can be found on social media, such as on LinkedIn and Facebook. We may use your personal data when you use functions on these websites and / or apps, such as a “Linkedin-like”. If such a function is used by you, we may obtain your personal data via the social media in question, such as your IP number, browser data and login data from LinkedIn.

Application procedure

Princess Yachts Benelux BV collects and processes data from applicants through personal contacts, by mail, by e-mail and / or telephone conversations. We collect, among other things, the name, gender, contact details, motivation letters, information about the education level and the employment history of the applicant. This information is relevant for completing the application procedure and will be deleted no later than 4 weeks after the procedure has ended. If you give your consent, Princess Yachts Benelux BV can store your personal data longer in its administration, so that you may be contacted again in the future.


Princess Yachts Benelux BV also processes personal data of employees, in the context of the employment contract and on the basis of legal bases. For information about the processing of personal data of employees, please refer to the personnel policy.

3. Receivers

We do not share your personal data with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Princess Yachts Benelux BV except in one of the following circumstances.

Implementation of an agreement

Providing your personal data to third parties is permissible if this is necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations to you. Part of this is the processing and – if applicable – delivery of your order.

With your permission

With your permission we can pass on your personal data to other parties. The permission only applies if it is clear what you give your permission for and what the consequences are.

For external processing

We provide personal data to our partners so that they can process data for us, based on our instructions and in accordance with our privacy policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. Our partners include, among other things, our IT suppliers and administrator of the CRM system.

For legal reasons

We share personal data if we believe that disclosure of the data is necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations, legal procedures, or requests from government agencies.

Legal obligation

If a legal obligation requires this from us, we will provide your personal data. For example, it is possible that the police requests information from us in the context of fraud investigations. Princess Yachts Benelux BV makes arrangements with the recipients of your personal data to ensure that the personal data is treated confidentially and is protected.

Retention Period

We do not keep your personal data longer than necessary, unless we have a legal obligation to keep your personal data longer. Our basic principle is that we only keep personal data for as long as necessary to be able to provide you with our services. After this we will delete your personal data as far as possible. For example, if you have provided your e-mail address so that we can keep you informed of our services, we will still retain your details for this.

4. Transfer of personal data outside the EU

Princess Yachts Benelux BV can pass on your personal data from the Netherlands to abroad. Countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) have an equivalent level of protection of personal data as the Netherlands. With due observance of the general requirements of privacy laws and regulations, we can pass on your personal data. We can, for example, do this within our group for good business operations.

Outside the EEA we will only pass on your personal data if there is an appropriate level of protection. Princess Yachts Benelux BV uses model contracts approved by the European Commission for this purpose. We will in particular pass on your personal data to branches within our group for our internal business operations.

5. Your rights

You have a number of legal rights against us: inspection, improvement or addition, data erasure, restriction of processing, transfer of digital data and the right to object. We will explain these rights below. We also explain how you can exercise these rights towards us.

Right of inspection

At your request we will inform you in writing whether we process your personal data. With your request you must identify yourself by means of a copy of your driver’s license or identity document. In our response we explain which personal data we have processed or are still processing. We also explain the purposes for which the data has been or will be processed, with whom the data will be shared, how long it is expected to be stored, and what other rights you can enforce.

Improvement or addition

If you have received access to the processing of your personal data, you can request us to correct inaccuracies or to complete omissions. We motivate our response. If we proceed to improve, you will receive a supplementary statement from us. That statement also receives any recipients of your incorrect or incomplete information.

Data change

You can request us to delete your personal data in our systems in one or more of the following cases:

the personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which we have processed it;

you withdraw your permission for (further) processing; and there is no other basis for processing;

you make a substantiated objection, and there are no compelling reasons not to honor your objection;

the personal data has been processed unlawfully by us;

we must delete your personal data on the basis of a legal obligation.

Restriction processing

If you have reported an inaccuracy or incompleteness in your personal data to us, you can request us to limit the processing as long as we process your request. You may also ask us to limit the processing of your data if you believe that we are processing your data unlawfully or no longer need it, or if you have objected to (further) processing thereof. After receiving your restriction request, we will only process the data after permission has been obtained or for serious reasons (such as legal proceedings).

Transfer of digital data

If you have provided us with personal data in a structured, customary digital file format, and we have processed your data with your permission or in the performance of an agreement with you, you have the right to request a copy of this data. In those cases you can also ask us to forward your data directly to another service provider.


You may make a retention at any time against processing of personal data relating to you. This applies in particular to profiles that we have created based on your personal data. We will cease processing your data after receiving your objection, unless we can provide compelling justified reasons that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms.

If we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may object to this at any time and we will immediately stop processing.

Exercise rights

If you want to make use of one or more of your rights listed above, you can contact us via the e-mail address Princess Yachts Benelux BV will decide on your request within 4 weeks, unless we let you know within that period that we need a little more time.

Is your personal data processed based on your permission? Then you have the right to withdraw your consent. Any withdrawal of your permission does not affect previous processing based on this.

6. Complaints

Do you have a complaint about the use of your personal data? Then we would like to point out the complaints procedure to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This authority is authorized to take note of your complaint.

7. Questions?

Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail with your question to: This privacy statement is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We reserve the right to periodically update this privacy statement. The latest version is published on this page.

Version May 2019



Princess Yachts Benelux BV ensures optimum functionality of its website. To ensure that the website functions properly, Princess Yachts Benelux BV uses techniques that process personal data, such as cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor’s device (electronic device) on the first visit to a website. The purpose of cookies is to collect information about someone, the website or statistics. Some cookies also have the purpose of improving the user experiences of the website.

2. Types of cookies

We distinguish between functional and non-functional cookies. We always place functional cookies. This is because they are necessary for the website to work properly and do not process any personal data other than for the purpose for which these personal data are entered.

Non-functional cookies process personal data outside your field of vision. That is why we always ask for your permission before we place these cookies.

Non-functional cookies are, for example, analytical cookies. These cookies are not necessary for the website to function properly. Through analytical cookies we know which parts of the website we can improve and, for example, the popularity of certain pages is measured. Non-functional cookies serve a variety of purposes, but primarily enable us to improve our services. This allows us, for example, to measure how often our website is used and what information visitors are looking for.

We use the following non-functional cookies: Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies we collect statistics about the use of the website by users. By measuring website usage, the website can be improved for the benefit of users.

3. Block and delete cookies

If you do not want our website to be able to store cookies on your computer, you can indicate this in the cookie message that you will see when you first visit our website. Have you already accepted our cookies? Then you will no longer see this message and you must delete the cookies (if desired) yourself.

You can also choose to block the placement of cookies through your browser. Do you block all cookies? Then our website will work less well. We recommend that you only selectively disable unwanted cookies. You can do this in your browser settings.

You can also exercise all your rights when processing your personal data with cookies, as listed above in Article 5 of our privacy statement.

4. Change of cookie policy

Princess Yachts Benelux BV reserves the right to adjust this cookie policy periodically. The most recent version is published on this page. Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail with your question to:

Princess Yachts uses cookies

Princess Yachts uses functional cookies that ensure that the website functions properly. We store anonymous statistics in Google Analytics to keep track of how visitors use our website. For more information see our privacy statement.