Precision Engineering

Precision engineered. Quality assured.

Princess designs and builds every yacht meticulously, without compromising on the high standards of the customer. This applies to our innovative hulls, but also to our advanced production techniques and system engineering. A Princess yacht not only looks great, but you can also trust that it performs optimally.

Thanks to vacuum injection, the weight of the hull is considerably reduced. This allows you to sail longer and at higher speeds while reducing fuel consumption. In addition, you can choose from multiple engine types. By reducing the weight, we meet the wishes of our customers. They want the latest materials and equipment and a luxurious interior with perfect finish without compromising on performance.

The hulls designed by Bernard Olesinski are the standard for safe and comfortable sailing at high speeds, even in the most challenging conditions. Thanks to the latest Computer Fluid Dynamics technology, all yachts perform optimally and your comfort is guaranteed even at high speeds. Even in busy ports the yachts are easy to control. The electrical controls, the power steering and the powerful engine ensure that you can navigate to the nearest millimeter.

When it comes to comfort and safety, we leave nothing to chance. The spray rails designed by the computer ensure that the deck stays drier at high speeds. The possible insulation noise is limited by the advanced insulation materials, while the tailor-made exhaust system reduces the emission of exhaust gases. A raised bulwark, railings and a non-slip layer are placed on the deck to guarantee your safety. Every detail is approached with the same ‘obsessive’ precision.

Everything is designed to the highest standard in shipping and built with the greatest care and precision in the most advanced shipyards in the world. Safety and performance have been tested to the extreme. Princess yachts are not only a feast for the eyes, but they touch you in your heart and soul.

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