Environmental Excellence

Committed to environmental excellence

At Princess Yachts we want to do more than just set the standard for motor yacht construction. We want to take the lead in responsible production.

In 2010, we were the first major European shipbuilder to receive ISO14001 certification in recognition of our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. This was preceded by a year in which our production processes and products and services, including materials, noise production, gas emissions, energy management and waste processing, were carefully analyzed and assessed.

We are also innovative by making extensive use of vacuum injection. Thanks to this closed mold technique, almost no styrene is released in the workplace and immediate surroundings. This advanced technology improves the quality, weight and construction considerably. The hull glides better through the water, reducing fuel consumption.

While limiting our impact on the environment, we do not focus solely on production, every Princess yacht up to 26 meters has the RINA Green Plus (Y) seal. This is an independent environmental label of the classification society RINA and applies to every model.

For Princess, engineering and the environment are inextricably linked – this is in the interest of our customers, our employees and the local community.

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