Design Beliefs

Setting the standard in motor yacht design

The powerful V-shaped hull, clean lines and sophisticated dimensions make Princess yachts the perfect example of a beautiful design in which power, elegance and balance are effortlessly combined. Regardless of whether they move 9 or 90 tons of water, you will be happy to sail with a Princess and enjoy life on board.

The rudder is operated from comfortable seats from which you have an optimal view of the entire environment. The steering wheel and throttle that ensure perfect control of your yacht are located on the ergonomic rudder console, which is also equipped with clear and easy-to-read instruments. This once again emphasizes that these yachts are built for higher speeds.

Both the upper and lower decks offer a sophisticated layout, creating more living space without compromising on style. We leave nothing to chance during the design process. We even completely recreate the interior, so that we are sure that the computer design looks just as good in practice as it does on the screen. The layout of a yacht determines its future value. But our customers know that their investment will look just as stylish in 5 to 10 years as it is now. The combination of a carefully designed interior and the best natural materials guarantee a timeless elegance for both modern and classic styles.

The custom-made wooden furniture is designed at our locations so that the space of each model is used optimally. Then the furniture is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. All wooden elements, such as fine carpentry, detailed moldings or hardwood door frames, are protected with up to seven layers of varnish. After each layer, the wood is sanded by hand, creating a beautiful, deep shine.

The pantries and cabins are fully equipped and offer sufficient storage space. This creates a good balance between comfort and ease of use. The subtle lighting and refined details provide the finishing touch and contribute to the unique Princess feeling.

All these elements together provide a first impression that you will never forget. But it is precisely the lasting impressions that really distinguish Princess yachts and that keep owners loyal to the brand all their lives.

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